I haven’t had the same kind of experience as other people. I’ve been a customer for a long time, and their customer service hasn’t been any worse than most other companies. You kind of have to expect to spend time on the phone when you want to change your service. My alarm system works and it scared off a prowler last year. Thanks!

this thing is too complicated for my elderly partents they cant even work a vcr and we had to get them the phone with the big numbers i had to spend all day getting them to learn it wtf

I know this board is for complaints, but Ive had a pretty good experience with alarmforce over the years. Nobody is perfect, but my house has been safe and secure for a long time thanks to alarmforce.

I think I need to call and ask for help, I wanted to use the video relay feature and see whos at the door from my phone but it doesnt work. Does anyone know if it works with all phones, or do I just need a new phone. I hate having to always buy new phones and computers!

i dont understand how alarmforce’s prices are overall way cheaper than all the other alarm system providers? is it because you get what you pay for? I’ll find out soon i guess.

How can you set this thing so our cats don’t set it off. Glad to know it’ll work if anyone gets in, but we have a cat door so they can come and go as the please.

I was talked into installing a security system, and I went with Alarmforce, but do I really need it? I mean I have never had a break in. Am I wasting my money?

Pretty good overall… I had some troubles getting the system working. I spent a half hour on the phone with customer service, and we got it straighetend out. System works well now.

had some issued with the system set up at my parents house. they need alarmcare for their health problems and it makes me feel better to know that there’s a system to help them if they can’t call for help on there own. the customer service people were pretty good my dad has bad hearing but they were patient and explained things to him until he learned it. so its all ok now

I was having trouble figuring out my system, but I called alarmforce help and they were very helpful in getting us set up. I feel much safer at night thanks to alarmforce.


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